The Foundation’s specific undertakings are identified, developed, and managed by a team of consultants, most of whom spend the greater part of their time on Foundation matters, but also work on куда сходить в Нижнем Новгороде other human service projects locally, across the country, and world-wide. This fosters cross-fertilization at both the policy and implementation levels—the quick adoption of best practices developed elsewhere.


Mark Hoover, Executive Director, provides the vision and oversight to achieve the Foundation’s goals as well as managerial supervision and direction. Formerly Executive Deputy Commissioner of the Human Resources Administration under New York City’s Giuliani Administration, he is a policy developer in the fields of human services, employment and training, and financial administration. He has led significant program management and implementation efforts both nationally and internationally.


Charlie Venti, Deputy Director, spent twenty-five years with the New Jersey Division of Youth and Family Services and was the first Director to be appointed from within the organization. He is an expert in the areas of education and child welfare and, although involved with all of the Foundation’s activities, he concentrates on child welfare. He serves as the Chairman of the Street Warriors, a Newark-based community organization dedicated to helping teens lead healthy lives.


Kathleen Hoover, Director of Administration, has over twenty-five years’ experience as an educator and administrator working with a variety of student populations. In the late 1990’s, she served as a member of the management team in the New York City Administration for Children’s Services and was the Director of Education for Direct Congregate Care Services. Kathleen provides administrative services to the Foundation and technical assistance for selected projects.


Paul Saeman, Director of Evaluation and Applied Technology, is an experienced manager and developer of information systems in the fields of human services, employment and training, and welfare reform and eligibility. Paul is developing a number of initiatives including distance learning for New Jersey State’s prison system, the mapping of social service participants for Essex County, and welfare reauthorization assistance to New Jersey welfare agencies.


Ed Fox, Director of Social Service Programming, has over thirty years’ experience in social services and child welfare. He is an expert in training and managing case workers and social workers for child welfare programs. In past roles, he developed and consulted on Family Group Conferencing programs and was responsible for the State of New Jersey’s day care programs. He assists with a number of the Foundation’s initiatives, with an emphasis on child welfare.


Fred Sambataro, Director of Non-Profit Business Support, served as the Administrator of Business Operations in his last role at the New Jersey State Division of Youth and Family Services. He brings significant experience in the field of fiscal management within government operations. Fred’s major project is developing a fiscal-intermediary services entity for the non-profit community.


Dyann Lonesome, Director of Criminal Justice, spent most of her career with the New Jersey State Parole Board, serving in many capacities. In her last role, as a District Parole Supervisor, she was responsible for the operation and supervision of the Newark parole office. Dyann is responsible for developing and directing the Foundation’s offender re-entry initiatives including the new offender re-entry one-stop at Essex County College and FORGE, an Essex County women’s re-entry initiative.


Itai Karelic, Director of Operations and Welfare to Work, is a consultant for both the public and private sectors in the U.S. and Europe. He is engaged in various projects including welfare-to-work reforms in Denmark and Israel. At the Foundation, he provides general consulting and project tracking and management, including both program and finance aspects of all the projects.


Dr. Michael B. Greene, Director of Violence Prevention, was the founding Executive Director of the Violence Institute at the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey and the founding Director of the Center for the Prevention of Violence at Youth Consultation Service. He also served for ten years as the Juvenile Justice Administrator in the New York City Mayor’s Office. For the Foundation, Michael coordinates domestic violence service integration initiatives, directs juvenile justice re-entry programs, and helps establish mentoring programs.


Nicole Butler, Director of Education, develops educational initiatives for the Foundation. She acts as a liaison with organizations that support educational programs for at-risk youth, including the Newark Public Schools, local colleges, community-based organizations, and government agencies. Nicole is experienced in developing strategic plans, programs, and funding sources for non-profit agencies. With an expertise in student personnel administration, she has also directed residential support programs for college students.